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FAVEs [Founder Access to VCs Event] - Maryanne Morrow of SurgeXLR

This event is hosted by our Partner, FairFunders

FAVEs [Founder Access to VCs Event] where we're connecting female founders and founders from underrepresented groups directly with VCs, free, from the comfort of their home, office or phone. 

This month's event features, Maryanne Morrow of SurgeXLR

SurgeXLR works with each startup to develop a customized plan that focuses on acquiring enterprise customers. Think of us as your outsourced CRO: SurgeXLR will work with you on your overall revenue and monetization strategy until you have a full team in place. 

Evidence Based. Customer Focused. Revenue Driven.

By tapping into the SurgeXLR network, your business will have access to hundreds of high-level leaders in the business community.  With a combined 30 years of experience in enterprise sales and business development, SurgeXLR will help you develop revenue strategies, refine pricing models, identify leads, and coach you through the sales process.

With SurgeXLR, you will have individualized attention, innovative startup advice, and access to our exclusive network of business leaders.

Registration for this event will open soon! Please check this page to register for future FAVE events!