Money Masters

Member Qualifications:

  • Full-time in business.

  • Business is growing but they know they can achieve more with the right strategy and support.

  • Cares deeply about social impact and reaching financial freedom.

  • Committed to growing a million-dollar+ business with healthy financials.

  • You’ve achieved 6 figures, and now want 7

  • Product or service is gaining momentum. It is packaged up, tested, kinks sorted out and the very next step is to scale.

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Please note that the Founder Institute's Female Founder Initiative financially benefits from sign-ups using the above link. All funds go back to the Female Founder Initiative and providing more fellowships for women worldwide. 


Money Mavens

Member Qualifications:

  • This is your first year of business + maybe this your side hustle

  • Looking to make your first 6 figures

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Please note that the Founder Institute's Female Founder Initiative financially benefits from sign-ups using the above link. All funds go back to the Female Founder Initiative and providing more fellowships for women worldwide. 

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The Paradigm switch

The Paradigm Switch (, a new non-profit that is providing access and innovative pathways to employment for veterans and military spouses across the nation, announced a national fellowship for military spouses who apply to the Founder Institute’s U.S. programs. Any military or veteran spouse who is interested in starting a company can apply for the fellowship for free at



SJ Leadership Coach (SJLC) is a woman-owned and women-led individual and organizational leadership development firm based in the heart of Silicon Valley.   Through its partnership with the Founder’s Institute, SJLC offers four programs for female FI graduates.   Because building a great product isn’t enough.  Long term success depends on how well you lead your team and your organization through growth and change. 

  • CEO Success Program (CSP) for Women

  • Organizational Development 101 Webinar Series

  • Team Performance Accelerator

  • One-to-One Coaching

For more information on these programs, visit Learn More


Women Back to Work

The purpose of Women Back to Work is to create systemic pathways for Women to Return to the Workforce. The program enables companies to boost diversity & business results by acquiring valuable talent that is typically not available via conventional channels: highly qualified, professional women returning to the workforce. Our systematic structured approach (including resume review, skills assessment, augmentation training, and mentoring) enables women returnees to hit the ground running and sets them up for workplace success.

Most recently we are also beginning to include Veteran Spouses and support their job searches.

Our pool of women returnees range from Engineers, Developers, Project/Program Managers, QA, HR, Operations, Strategy, HR, Finance, Sales and in leadership amongst others. The program is adding strategic value for leadership and dramatically impacting their gender diversity goals while also hiring for exceptional talent.


The Mom Project is the career destination for moms. Through our digital marketplace and community we connect professionally accomplished women with world-class companies for rewarding employment opportunities. The Mom Project is changing the way women work and redefining career structures by providing women with real work opportunities that are in balance with their personal goals. This evolution will keep more talented, professionally accomplished women in the workforce.

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first republic bank

Founded in 1985, First Republic and its subsidiaries offer private banking, private business banking and private wealth management, including investment, trust and brokerage services. First Republic specializes in delivering exceptional, relationship-based service, with a solid commitment to responsiveness and action. Services are offered through preferred banking or wealth management offices primarily in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, San Diego, Portland, Palm Beach, Boston, Greenwich, and New York City. First Republic offers a complete line of banking products for individuals and businesses, including deposit services, as well as residential, commercial and personal loans.

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Faryl Ury, Communications and Media Training Workshops

Who is it for?

  • Individual and group trainings can be designed to fit your needs, whether you're an executive prepping for a press interview or a founder getting ready for a conference roundtable. These skills come in handy well beyond media interviews—use them when speaking on panels, presenting to colleagues or investors, and interviewing for jobs. 

What you will gain?

You’ll leave with an understanding of how to develop your story, communicate it clearly, and control even the toughest speaking opportunity or press interview.

  • Ability to drive home narratives with key stakeholders

  • Techniques to identify goals and prepare messaging for key external and internal meetings

  • Skills to pivot effectively when asked questions you can’t, or shouldn’t, answer

Who is Faryl Ury?

  • Faryl Ury has spent her career developing and telling the stories of top brands. She’s built and led communications and marketing teams at Square, Uber, and Dropbox. Previously, she lived in Washington, D.C. where she served as the Press Secretary for U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen. She’s worked with all types of clients, from politicians to executives and engineers, using a media training program based on her years as a journalist at the Associated Press and NPR. Please reach out to for more information.

Link: ( provides simple online scheduling for you and your team, eliminating the need for back and forth emails and adding Customer bookings straight into your calendar. They have been a great supporter of the Female Founder Initiative.