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Female Founder Initiative

Presented by The Founder Institute



about the Female founder initiative

The Female Founder Initiative was formed to create more opportunities for female founders through the Founder Institute, and enable women to build successful companies.

How will we accomplish this goal in 2018? 

  1. Provide a scholarship for leadership and technically focused applicants to every FI Chapter across the globe.

  2. Increase the number of female mentors and directors in the Founder Institute by improving our recruitment tactics.

  3. Provide female entrepreneurship-focused events around the world to educate more women about startups and innovation.

  4. Increase the number of female founders in our program by forming partnerships with female focused organizations all across the globe.

  5. Increase the success of female founders in our program by improving our curriculum to address the unique problems women face in entrepreneurship.



If you are interested in joining the Founder Institute Network or becoming more involved in the Female Founder Initiative as a mentor, director or event speaker, please send us any email below. 




Jilliene Helman - RealtyMogul

RealtyMogul is the leading crowfunding investment platform for commercial real estate. Its users have raised over $220MM in real estate transactions. Los Angeles FI Graduate.

NUPUR MEHTA - Rigplenish

RigPlenish is an end-to-end data management application that automates paperwork at each stage of an ambulance run. They were accepted into Y Combinator. Silicon Valley FI Graduate.

amelie morency - foodroom

The Food Room, a company that helps food businesses by providing culinary coworking facilities, secured an investment on the hit show Dragon’s Den and recently opened their first location. Montreal FI Graduate. 

Lucy Beard, Founder of Feetz

LUCY BEARD - feetz

Feetz makes personalized and customized 3D printed footwear, and they recently secured a landmark deal with major shoe retailer DSW, to offer the service in their stores. San Diego FI Graduate.

jill bourque - rushtix

RushTix is an affordable subscription site for local events and activities. The company was accepted to the LAUNCH Accelerator and is growing quickly. Silicon Valley FI Graduate.

amira boutouchent -Bridgr

Bridgr, a service that connects manufacturers with operations experts, is growing quickly and was accepted to the HEC National Bank accelerator. Montreal FI Graduate. 

I had the opportunity to keep the security of my full-time job while attending the Founder Institute. Also, I am 100% sure I wouldn’t have the contacts I have in Warsaw without the Founder Institute.
— Zuzanna Przybyła, Co-Founder of Devinity, Founder Institute Warsaw Graduate
I had an opportunity to pitch Vacation Fund to my largest audience yet this week (300+ people) at a Women in Payments event, and would not have been able to confidently go up on stage and know that I’m showcasing something of value without having gone through Founder Institute.
— Erica Pearson, Co-Founder, Vacation Fund, Founder Institute Toronto Graduate
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Roia Shefayee - director

Joanna Lord - mentor

jessica mah - mentor


Andrea Jackson - director

Robin Chase - mentor

Rashmi Sinha - Mentor

I was working with a group of tech startups who knew how to build technology, but had no idea how to take their idea to the next level and commercialize it. In my search for resources I read about the Founder Institute, and it was a perfect solution.
— Jeanine Jacobson, Director of the Founder Institute in San Diego & Los Angeles



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If you are interested in joining the Founder Institute Network or becoming more involved in the Female Founder Initiative as a mentor or event speaker, please send us any email below.