Founder Institute Graduate eTrack Tech wins Second Zimvest Female Founder Pitch Competition

Founder Institute’s Female Founder Initiative and Parazim Team Up to Help Women Founders Launch and Grow Successful Companies in 2018

Founder Institute and Parazim co-hosted this month’s #Zimvest Female Founder Pitch Competition to provide 9 woman-led companies, across a wide variety of sectors, an opportunity to pitch to some of Silicon Valley’s leading women investors. Additionally, The proceeds from the February 22nd event benefited Santa Clara County's very own Notre Dame High School girls robotics team, a program that encourages girls to explore various STEAM pathways.

After listening to 9 amazing three minute pitches, the judges concluded that Barbara Timm-Brock, Founder & CEO of eTrack Tech, a company that is transforming equipment and fleet management through predictive analytics and real-time maintenance alerts, gave the best overall pitch!  

The #Zimvest judges selected Barbara and eTrack Tech as the winner based on the quality of her idea, the believability that her company's data would become a large monetizable opportunity, and the likelihood that she and her team can execute.


Barbara Timm-Brock is a graduate of the 2017 Founder Institute San Francisco chapter. Since graduating, eTrack Tech has gained traction with large customers (e.g. logistics, retail, heavy equipment rental) due to their exceptional data collection and analytics that provide more insight into their customer's revenue and control of their supply chain.

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The next #Zimvest Female Founder Pitch event will be hosted at WeWork Valley Towers in May. If you would like to pitch at the next event, please email Parazim Founder Harmony Oswald:  

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